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Dzień Dobry TVN, visiting Orion.

On the 12th of october, we had the opportunity to be part of the raport material, held by Dzień Dobry…

Work Park job market

Idea Przestrzeń Biznesu invites for the first Work Park job market event, which will be held at wednesday, october 26 between…


Why Orion?

We have been trusted by more than 120 companies in Poland.
Here is why:

End to end project delivery.

Our coordinators are keeping their eyes on formal aspects of the projects, paperwork, accomodation of the staff, from the moment of signing the agreement untill the delivery of the project.

Legal and transparent employment system.

On every stage of emplyment and project progress, our partners have access to full documentation of the employees data, and all the legal documents.

Scalable musiness model.

We are able to participate in projects on a every scale and range.
Small teams of specialists, and hundreds of workers on shifts in factory. You name it.

Pełna odpowiedzialność. Full responsibility.

We are present on every stage of delivery process.
Our work does not end with the employees arrival. We are the actual contractor of the project, taking full responsibility for the staff we emplyed.

Ethics and

Managing project which involves more than a hundred employess, is a great challenge and even greater responsibility.

Let us show you how we handle it.

About us

We are building a community.

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